What is Limited Scope Representation?

"Limited scope representation, also known as unbundled or discrete legal services, refers to an attorney taking responsibility for only a portion of a client’s case[...] limited scope representation is “based on [a] sharing [of] responsibility between customers and service products” similar to when one prepares their taxes with an online program and has an accountant give the papers a final look. In unbundling legal services, the lawyer and the client agree that the lawyer will perform some of the work involved in the client’s case, and the client will be responsible for the remaining work."
-HON. FERN A. FISHER, Deputy Chief Administrative Judge of The Courts of The City of New York, and Director of New York State Courts Access To Justice Program State of New York Unified Court System.

An example of what I can provide under Limited Scope Representation:

Review and advise on agent-performer agreements; artist-dealer agreements; licensing agreements; release and waiver agreements; severance agreements; any contract or agreement (usually used synonymously) where you are advised or allowed to consult with an attorney before signing the agreement. Because we limit the representation, the fee is much lower than what a full-service firm would charge you for the service. So, for a reasonable flat fee, I can review the agreement and walk you through it, by email, in person, by phone or via Zoom. So, you will fully understand what you are agreeing to, before you sign, or choose not to sign the contract or agreement that they offer you.

For an additional fee and upon request, I can negotiate on your behalf to revise the draft agreement and then re-draft it based on the negotiated changes.